The Code of Ethics is an instrument that seeks to guide and discipline the realization of the company’s principles, vision and mission.

It serves to guide the actions of all those involved in Videplast’s business activity and to explain the company’s social posture in the face of the different audiences with which it interacts.

Becoming institutional reference with the personal and professional conduct of all Videplast employees, regardless of the load of function that it occupies, in order to become a standard of partner relationship, with the target publics: partners, customer, employees, unions, interns, suppliers, service providers, competitors, society, governament and communities where it acts.

  • Enabling ethical behavior based on values incorporated by all, as they are fair and relevant;
  • Reduce the subjectivity of personal interpretations of moral and ethical principles;
  • Strengthen the Videplast relevance and its employees with their target public.


1.1 In their position or function, Videplast employees:
• Seek the best overall result for the company, always maintaining all clear, respectful and collaborative attitude with co-workers, employee representatives and the target public.
• They exercise their functions and authority, with an entrepreneurial spirit and overcoming challenges, always aiming at the company interests.
• Do not use position, function, activity, facilities, position and influence in order to obtain any favor for themselves or for others.
• They do not create artificial difficulties in the exercise of their position, function or attribution, with the aim of overestimating their professional performance.
• They carry out their duties effectively, eliminating situations that lead to errors or delays in the provision of the service.
• Respect intellectual property.
• Do not alter or misrepresent the content of any document, information or data.
• Promote actions that make it possible to improve internal communication.
• Emphasize integration and teamwork development.
• Promote the involvement of everyone in achieving Videplast’s strategic objectives.

1.2 In the relationship with managers and colleagues, Videplast employees:
• Act in a courteous manner, with availability and attention to all people with whom they interact, respecting individual differences.
• In their professional life, they always act fairly with colleagues or managers.
• Recognize the merits related to work carried out by colleagues or managers.
• Do not harm the reputation of colleagues or managers through biased judgment, perjury, unsubstantiated information or any other subterfuge.
• Do not seek to obtain exchanges of favors that appear or may give rise to any type of commitment or personal obligation.
• Stimulate the expression of ideas, when aligned with the company’s objectives.

1.3 Regarding prejudice, Videplast employees:
• Promote the good of all, without prejudice of origin, race, sex, color, age and any other forms of discrimination.

1.4 Regarding intimidation, Videplast employees:
• Do not tolerate it, nor do they tolerate threats or harassment of any kind.
• Do not submit to situations of moral harassment (understood as the act of repeatedly disqualifying, through words, gestures or attitudes, the employee’s self-esteem, safety or image due to the hierarchical bond) and denounce the harasser.
• Respect the hierarchy, but immediately inform superior management of any irregular behavior, as long as it is duly substantiated.
• They immediately communicate to their hierarchical superiors, for the appropriate measures, any inducement, act or omission that they deem contrary to the interests of the company. They do not give in to pressures aimed at obtaining undue advantages.

1.5 Regarding criticism, Videplast employees:
• Consider constructive criticism, made in the open and through appropriate channels, as a demonstration of loyalty to the company and colleagues.

1.6 Regarding error tolerance, Videplast employees:
• Learn from their own mistakes or those of others, eliminating their causes and avoiding their repetition.
• When they consider themselves unqualified to perform some task, they seek out colleagues, managers and supervisors in order to obtain the means to overcome these limitations.
• Systematically evaluate their mistakes and successes, with the participation of immediate management and supervisors, aiming to continuously improve the quality of their work.

1.7 Regarding performance management:
• Videplast guarantees its employees the right to know the results of their performance evaluation. To this end, it adopts a clear performance management process, with individual guidance to the employee on matters that, directly or indirectly, affect their work.
• Videplast guarantees its employees the right to know the functional progression criteria and their assessment resulting from these criteria

1.8 Regarding people’s commitment:
• Videplast recognizes the efforts of its employees to improve the result of their work, praising them as a way of valuing their performance.

1.9 Regarding personal information:
• Videplast guarantees that personal information, including medical and benefits information, is restricted to the employee himself and to the personnel responsible for the custody, maintenance and treatment of this information.
• Requests, analyzes and transfers of this information are only made by those who have the legitimacy to do that, under the terms of the legislation, as well as to provide evidence in court, in accordance with guidance from the legal area. Videplast guarantees the employee access to their informations

1.10 Regarding the right to clarification:
• Videplast assures its employees the right to request and receive clarification on rights and advantages in the Company.

1.11 Regarding the work environment:
• Individual rights are legitimate and respected, and always compatible with the collective well-being and representation of this company.
• Videplast guarantees its employees an adequate work environment, aiming at safety, hygiene, health and well-being.
• Employees of this company may suspend activities, after taking corrective measures, if there are situations in which their lives and/or physical integrity and/or their co-workers are at serious and imminent risk, communicating the fact immediately to your superior.
• In their activities, employees preserve and care for Videplast’s assets, being into terms of machinery, equipment, materials, technological and strategic information and operational facilities.

1.12 Regarding the use of electronic mail, Videplast employees:

• They use electronic mail for matters relevant to them work, always taking care of information security and do not disseminate messages that contain illegal, pornographic, racist, political or any other content that is not compatible with the interests of the company.

1.13 Regarding personal appearance:
• Videplast recommends that employees try to take into account the type of activity they perform, the public they come into contact with and the cultural and business habits of the region where work.

Suggestions, doubts and violations of this Code of Ethics, as well as any act, by an employee or related parties, that harm or will harm this company, must be immediately communicated to the ethics committee, directly or through the “Ombudsman” link.