Production process


Upon arrival at the company, all raw materials are received in the warehouse, where they are submitted to strict quality monitoring (hygienic and sanitary conditions of the truck, product validity) and stored.

Extrusion sector

Sector where polyethylene is processed. This process happens through extrusion or coextrusion equipment´s. All line are design to control the thickness, width, layers thickness distribution and the final quality of the film produced as gloss, flatness and zero defect in the final product.

Printer sector

The finished product goes to the printing sector where it receives the specified design according to the customer´s artworks.


Process by which the substrate is lamination with PE, BOPP, PET in order to protect the print area, increase the gloss and other optical and mechanical properties.


Sector responsible for the process to cut and welding the material according to customer specification.


Sector where the product is stocked, considering FIFO procedure and organized to be sent to the customer. In order to ensure safe storage and shipping conditions all trucks are checking based on the hygienic and sanitary conditions, the number of materials, and the pallet stacking are also checked.

support sectors

• Quality control
• Electrical and mechanical
• Administrative
• Transport


Videplast works to prevent deviation or failures in the process, thus ensuring the products’ highest quality and meeting the expectations and needs of our customers. QC aims to ensure and keep the process under control by establishing process standards.

The quality team is present at all stages production process, inspecting the product parameters and ensuring our customers’ specifications, expectations, and all are followed.

Quality programs are employed: 5S, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).